We are glad to announce the publication of a split that counts with the bands SomeWhereOut and The Flying Caravan. This split will be available through crowdfunding and it will be put on the Verkami platform in the coming months. The digital publishing of these themes will be released on the 19th of May.

The band SomeWhereOut, originary from Málaga (Spain), has remixed and remastered a theme of every one of their first two albums and EP. From the hand of its leader and multi-instrumentalist Raúl Lupiáñez, these three themes have various collaborations in the voices and instruments.

  1. Our Promise (2021)
  2. The Loneliness (2022)
  3. What if (2018)

The Flying Caravan, on the other hand, presents an EP named “Stage Access” with two new songs so as to present their new singer and new keyboard player who complete the quintet of Alicante (Spain).
The first of the themes is a symbolic hand over from their former vocalist Izaga Plata, who sings a duet with Julia Novecento, the current singer of the band.
The Split will also contain an instrumental theme, “Everybody has a story behind”, not included in the digital EP.

  1. This Could be Wrong (03:38)
  2. Stage Access (09:42)
  3. Everybody has a Story Behind (03:58)